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A Law Firm consisting a team of elite lawyers in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Yohan Wijesinghe Associates is a Law Firm providing cost effective legal services through a team of elite lawyers based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Legal Firm is under the guidance of a barrister who is qualified to practice in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. The Firm's litigation arm, Y.W. chambers where the legal counsel resides is also located in Colombo.




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Conveyancing and Notarial Work


Our team of conveyances and notaries have years of skill and experience in carrying out property matters in Sri Lanka. We trust that we can ensure that your interests are looked after when you are either buying/ selling property or any other interests involving immovable property in Sri Lanka, We can check the details and information at registries and carry out the necessary searches and enquiries that our clients request.


  • Buyers
  • Sellers
  • Leases and other matters connected to property




The services we provide include:


  • Identify what the property comprises of
  • Identify any rights that benefit the property
  • Ensure that the seller is able to sell the property and whether they are the legal owners
  • Identify other people who may have rights over the property
  • Can the property be used for the buyers intended use. (This is more common in relation to commercial properties.)
  • Perhaps the most important of these is to ensure that the Land Registry title documents are checked thoroughly to ensure that the seller is able to sell the property. This is often called deducing title and your solicitor will carry this out on your behalf
  • Additionally we could also carry out local land charges search - will flag up any planning permissions or building regulation approvals
  • Local Authority enquiries
  • Drainage and Water search - will reveal information such as is the property connected to the mains water supply
  • Environmental search - this will reveal whether there are any restrictions imposed by the relevant authorities concerning the environment

Recommendation for a Structural Survey

It is strongly recommended that you have a structural survey of the property carried out We advise our clients to get their own full structural survey carried out to limit any surprises which may surface in the future. It is also beneficial to inspect the property yourself and speak to the neighbours beforehand as this can often identify any potential boundary or rights of way issues.



Final searches can be conducted at the request of our clients to ensure that nothing has changed since the initial searches were carried out. It is the buyer's notaries duty to draft the transfer deed which will then be sent to the seller's notary. This document transfers the title from the seller to the buyer and will need to be sent to the Land Registry post completion to register the buyer as the new owner.



Once contracts have been exchanged the buyer's notary will draft the transfer deed and forward it to you for approval.


Between exchange of contract and completion the seller owes the buyer a duty of care to exercise reasonable care to keep the property in the same state. If Post Exchange the seller damages the property then the buyer may be able to claim damages for breach of contract.


The buyer's notary may at this stage raise some additional enquiries to ensure that nothing has changed since the pre-contract enquiries. Any assistance you can offer your notary in dealing with these enquiries will ensure that the process is completed as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

If, for some reason completion is delayed but still takes place, this will still amount to breach of contract and the non-defaulting party will be entitled to compensation for the loss suffered, for example any interest incurred on a mortgage or costs in relation to a related sale of purchase.


The services we provide include:

  • Draft and negotiate complex commercial office and retail leasing agreements
  • Drafting and negotiating build to suit leases, construction contracts, property management agreements and other condominium documents
  • Carryout land searches, prepare title reports and clearance of title
  • Condominium property declarations
  • Advise you on the laws relating to property issues
  • Obtaining necessary approvals and certificates from government and non governmental departments relating to land
  • Change of name and or title of particulars


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