Colombo Lawyers

A Law Firm consisting a team of elite lawyers in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Yohan Wijesinghe Associates is a Law Firm providing cost effective legal services through a team of elite lawyers based in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The Legal Firm is under the guidance of a barrister who is qualified to practice in the United Kingdom and Sri Lanka. The Firm's litigation arm, Y.W. chambers where the legal counsel resides is also located in Colombo.




Hotline:+94 777 575 501





The Law Firm has four subsidiaries that specialize and focus in different areas forming an unique hybrid organisation with their combined synergy to boost the image and efficiency of the Firm.


  • Y. W. Chambers
  • Y. W. Intellectual Property Solutions
  • Y. W. Immigration Consultants
  • Y. W. Corporate Services




Y. W. Chambers was formed as the litigation arm of Yohan Wijesinghe Associates to act as counsels for litigious and alternative dispute resolution matters. Yohan Wijesinghe, Attorney-at-Law specializes in cost-effective and timely resolution of disputes, primarily concerned with commercial matters and the practice been focused on Commercial High Court and other Higher Courts in Sri Lanka.


Mr. Wijesinghe is also conversant in procedures involved in alternative dispute resolution. Yohan Wijesinghe, Attorney-at-Law and his team can act as counsels for Commercial matters and provide the following services that client requests:


  • Provide preliminary advice and guidance as to the probabilities of winning or losing a case before taking legal action
  • Carry out legal research and provide opinions before and after filing action, when the need arises due to new situations and circumstances that may arise   
  • Advise on the strategies to be implemented, an approximate amount of the quantity of damages that can be claimed, the legal costs that would be incurred and also an approximate time frame till final judgment of the actions. This may change due to changes in circumstances of the matter
  • Draft the necessary plaints and answers, petitions and objections and all other papers related to filing action.
  • Conduct legal research and draft the necessary submissions
  • Represent our clients in Court and make oral and written submissions on their behalf.
  • Conducts examinations in chief and cross examine witnesses during Trials
  • Our counsels are also conversant in dispute resolution and making representations on behalf of our clients at arbitrations and other out of court dispute resolution forums
  • Pre Trial preparation


The chamber’s library is constantly updated with the latest legal developments for the purposes of carrying out legal research. You can find more information about chambers here.







We provide our services as Intellectual Property Lawyers in Sri Lanka. We are registered as agents with the Intellectual Property Office to cater to intellectual property needs in Sri Lanka. Y. W. Intellectual Property Solutions is the subsidiary of Yohan Wijesinghe Associates providing IP solutions to their clients.  We are there to provide our services to those who wish to protect their intangible assets and the good will. Whatever the business our clients may be in will be rewarded by prioritizing their efforts to safeguard their intellectual property rights.


We can help you in brand strategy, trade mark portfolio management, innovation and invention, design, copyrights, image rights and trade secrets. We can advise you on company structures and strategies to protect your brand identity and image in this world. You can find more information about the services we provide here.







Y. W. Visa Consultants is the subsidiary of Yohan Wijesinghe Associates that provides a range of migrations services which include assessment of migration options, advice on the requirements and whether the applicant fits to the criteria to apply for the visa.


If the applicant intends to apply for skills and educational qualifications, we can carryout an assessment to evaluate whether the applicant meets the application requirements, prepare of migration applications, prepare submissions for the applicant to submit with his application.


If the application has been refused then, we can help with lodging appeals against refusals and cancellations of visa. We provide a step by step process and guidance on how you should submit the necessary applications to migrate abroad and the strategy to achieve your end goal of migrating abroad.  


We can provide you advise and guidance whether you’re a student who is seeking higher educations, a skilled worker, businessman, family, regional schemes or individuals who seek to migrate for any other purposes.

  • General Skilled Migration
  • Skilled Student Migration
  • Student Visa
  • Business Skilled Migration
  • Corporate Visas (Employer Sponsored)
  • Family Migration
  • Partner (Spouse) Visas
  • Parent Migration
  • Retirement Visas
  • Citizenship and  Resident Return Visas


We also assist individuals and companies that wish to set up business in Sri Lanka. You can find more information here.






We are registered as company secretaries with the Registrar of Companies in Sri Lanka. Therefore, we can provide a comprehensive range of services through our subsidiary, Y. W. Corporate Services. This subsidiary specializes in all company secretarial work that our clients wish us to undertake. You can find more information here